Are the repairs visible?

No - you won’t be able to tell the difference between your treated and non-treated glass panes afterwards.

Can all types of glass be repaired?

No - textured and coated glass cannot be repaired.

Will your repair kits weaken the glass?

No - the glass is already weakened by damage. Our kits will strengthen the panes again, bringing them back to their original quality.

Can toughened glass be repaired?

Yes - no problem at all! In fact, the increased glass density of toughened glass make it one of our easier repair jobs.

Will your products work on curved glass?

Absolutely - our  3" (75mm) and 2" (50mm) backing pads are specifically designed for optimal performance on curved glass.

Do your repair kits work on tinted glass?

Yes - you can rest assured that the repair process won’t take away the glass’ tint either. 

Can your kits remove mineral deposits, acid etching or chemical damage?

Yes - mineral deposits, acid etching or chemical damage are easy to remove with our kits.

Does the glass have to be removed?

No- all repair work carried out with our kits can be done without removing the glass.

How close to the edge can your kits polish?

The kits can typically polish scratches right up to the edge of the glass. 

My felt polishing pad keeps drying out and going hard. What should I do?

This is because of the heat generated by the polishing process. To combat this you should treat the pad with water, and use a sharp object to lightly scrape the surface. 

I’ve tried one of your polishing kits, but my glass is still cloudy!

You may need to use more of the compound and polish for a little longer. You could also try applying more pressure.

After using the scratch repair kit the scratches are still there!

Heavy damage can’t always be repaired all in one go. Repeat the process again with a coarser disc and a little more of the compound. For further advice, you can always contact our technicians. 

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, we ship worldwide with registered sign-for post services and DHL Express.

Can I Expedite My Order ? and how long will it be before I receive my order?

Please follow this link for further details, Shipping Information.